How to get more comment?

Hi everybody,

Some day ago I posted a wip of a ship I am making…but I got only one comment (tx Nayman!). Do you have any tip on how to get more comment? If yea, then tell me!

You can see the thread here:

Thanks everyone!

well, you should work more on the texturing and lighting.
In space the light only comes from one side.
So it’s on one side very bright and on the other very dark.
Further I think you need more detail. Guns, Gates and all those things…
Good luck,

Cool starship, but the textures are needed!

Modeling overall looks good. :slight_smile:

Will you work on lights as well? :slight_smile:

Tx for the comment. :smiley:

This ship is for a space battle animation so I just put some light so we can see the ship…it will not be like this in the anim…don’t worry! :wink:

For the detail, this is a wip so I didn’t finish it actually :wink:

For the texture…I alway wait at the end for that…I will continu to update it and I hope to have more comment! Thank you!