How to get Motion Paths for armatures to work

Hi, I have been playing with motion paths. They work fine for objects but I can’t get them to work properly for bones.

The motion paths all pile up on the origin. Ghosts do seem to work. Here is a picture. The settings for the motion paths and ghosts are on the right. Am I doing something wrong?

I also attached the blender file

Using 2.7.4 on Windows 8.1

Thanks for any advice.


simpleMotionPaths.blend (458 KB)

Your rig really don’t have any motion, other then rotation. Here is how motion path looks like:

Didn’t watch the vid ridix posted, so not sure what’s in the vid… But ridix gives good advice.

When you first create a motion path for a bone, there is a button labelled ‘calculate’, pressing that button will bring up a pop-up. The pop-up has a few fields you can adjust, one is ‘bake location’ and by default it’s set to tails. If you just hit ok, it calculates a motion path for the tail, or root, of the bone. In your image, you are showing that you are only moving the tip of the bone, and not the tail. Since the tail isn’t moving, there is no motion path to show…

In your image, if you hit the ‘x’ by ‘update paths’ to delete the motion path, the button will return to a calculate button. Hit the calculate button, then in the pop-up, set bake location to tips and hit ok. Now you should see a motion path for the tip of the bone, the only part the bone that moves…


Thanks so much to both of you for the advice. It is working great now! :slight_smile: