How to get new procedural textures ?

HI everybody !
I’m looking for a way to import or create a procedural texture type with its own parameters (like the “clouds” or “noise” textures and alikes)
I’ve been looking for addons that exends the number of texture type available , but haven’t found any yet.
My short term gaol for the moment would be to have a procedural texture that generate a serie of dot with some noise. Any ideas ? :slight_smile:

if you use cycles you could create it in OSL or look for some OSL shaders:

Thanks for the response , i was indeed looking forward to enter the mysterious world of OSL . I’m currently working with blender render , is it possible to have OSL shaders outside Cycle ? i’m kind of new to render in blender and i’m not very familiar with Cycle . In my scene i’m using freestyle and shadeless shaders with textures , would cycle be more appropriate for this kind of cartoonish render using OSL ?

Thanks for the tip moony . I didn’t know you could have so much different procedural textures using nodes . my eyes are wet with procedural tears. I will try to play with it before i get my hands dirty in OSL .

No problem - I think I have only scratched the surface of what is possible using the existing textures - i’ll keep playing and updating the thread if I get any interesting effects.