How to get Normals (real not camer space)?

How to get Normals data (real not camer space) to use in nodes for detection of slopes?
Is there any way to do it?


camera space is ‘real’ too, what you mean is tangent space, i guess

what you need is something like nVidia’s Melody

I meant view independent.
So I can’t achieve it ‘inside’ blender?


There have been some recent excellent posts on using material nodes to get the surface normal to control placement of grass on flat areas and using material nodes to calculate elevation for things like snow. Search on “terrain and nodes”. I had my doubts at first that the “vector curves” node worked but now I am convinced and I really like the results. I have been experimenting and have made my own version which I would be glad to share once it starts looking good.

No way you are going to get tangent space normal maps inside blender, but you can easily do it by using external apps, like denormgen.

Check this

He is talking about the “terrain slopes” I believe…I’m sure there is a way…I want to know as well.

check this material using blend textures, just map them to global or object space

All of your answers will probably be found here in this thread on getting global normals for use in slope-based terrain-style material generation.

The first two pages have some excellent node setups for doing this, except that they use camera normals, and the third page has a robust way to get global surface normals using lighting tricks.

Feel free to come join the party! =)