how to get object pythone source code?

how to get object source code?
(from armature)

Just checkout the code from SVN.

i tryied to do the same thing they talking about here but there is no file “servers” on my computer what can ido?

This project’s source code can be checked out anonymously. You will need a Subversion client. Most systems have one installed by default, for a list of clients look at the link provided near the end of the document.

To checkout bf-blender:

svn checkout You will probably see an error message about the certificate that is not issued by a trusted authority. However the certificate is fully functional and will ensure secure transit of the data. You can permanently accept this certificate.
If you get the message “Certificate verification error: signed using insecure algorithm” without proposing to accept the certificate, open with the file ~/.subversion/servers and add on the bottom of it: ssl-trust-default-ca = no
After accepting the certificate the sources will be checked out for anonymous users.