How to get one object always on top of another?

My goal is basically to have one character stamp a piece of paper (just a plane, obviously) with the word “APPROVED!” on it. Currently, I have the piece of paper and word “Approved” as two separate Objects.

When the word (Text object) is stamped down onto the paper (Plane object), the two Objects begin intersecting with each other unnaturally because they are on the exact same plane. If I apply the X-Ray to the Text object so that it’s always on top, that makes it so that it’s always on top of EVERYTHING.

So, is there any way that one Object can always be on top of just one other object, even if they are on the same plane?

can’t you just offset it 0.0001 in the z-direction?

Of course. But (a) for future use it might be beneficial to have a solution and (b) I would like to apply Cloth Physics to it so that ripples just a tiny, tiny bit, and I would still need the Text Object to be on top.