How to get out of bed in time...

I even set this as my alarm noise and it still isn’t working.

Is there something you say to yourself to get the power to stand up? Any advice. I love the winter except for this issue.

Telling myself “just do it” used to work for a bit. Then I replied with “Why?” and now hit snooze more than ever.

How about setting your alarm as a fake news story of Autodesk strong-arming the rights to the Blender source code out of the Blender community so as to remake it as a basic low-end hobby tool. That might get you leaping out of bed so you can check the internet hoping it’s not true :stuck_out_tongue:

On a more serious note, having a clock visible and opening the window might help a little, it also helps to try to get to bed a little earlier.

I don’t put my alarm clock within arms reach of my bed, so I have to actually get up and shut it off. I tell you some days though, it’s still tough to not just crawl right back in afterwards.

Hmm I’ve tried placing my phone’s alarm out of arms reach but I have stretch arm strong reach. I will try leaving it in the hallway.

Sleep on time and you will get awake on time.

A good couple of hints from someone who works different hours almost every day :

  1. Put your Alarm Clock the other side of the room - No Snooze, unless you get out and get cold to start with.

  2. Make sure it isn’t cold outside of your bed in your bedroom - nothing makes you stay in a warm bed like a freezing cold room

  3. During the day, get outside as much as you can…or cheat and buy a SADs light - SADs is basically a lack of daylight, and causes depression. However, your body clock runs off daylight also, so to get it in tune you need to tell it when to get up!

  4. Don’t do anything interesting an hour before going to sleep. That means anything. No TV / Music / Games / Blender (:() / Anything stimulating - it takes your mind about 45 minutes to switch off. If you read the news before bed, that’s an extra 45 minutes it takes to get into a deep sleep cycle, and 45 minutes less rest you will get.

  5. No Tea / coffee / Stimulants prior to bed. Sounds a bit wierd, but warm milk. Works for my 2.5 year old, and for everyone else :smiley:

At the end of the day, It’s pretty much will power. There have been times I’ve been so tired I would rather have been unemployed than get up and go to work, but you just have to do the first few steps - the rest is easy!

I really don’t have too much of a problem getting out of bed or waking up although I would like to bypass this at times. It does not matter what time that I went to bed at all. My dog thinks that 6:30 in the morning is when he has to do his daily duties. He does not care if I only had an hour worth of sleep. He is a rather large dog and what he will do is bound on me or the bed or both. At times he resorts to licking me all over the face. Trust me here, this will wake you up! At times I have pretended to be still asleep. Not even twitching a muscle. Yet do you know what? My dog knows that I am awake. And I know that he knows and he knows that I know that he knows that I do know as well. So then, he will sit quite close to me in the bed, and in his most regal stance just stare at me. I can see him even through closed eyes. He knows that I can as well. I think that he may be sort of a despot at times. So we will play this game until I can’t stand it anymore. I have to get up, try to sort of get dressed, and put my pooch out on his leash early in the morning. Please note that it is snowing a bit here at times and that the morning temperatures are below 20 degrees F. So, if you get up to put your dog out in conditions like this, you will become awake! And this may be be kind of sad because you still want more sleep. Yet that is not going to happen! No, it won’t. Because while your dog is running around doing his business, you are now trying to decide on espresso, beer or a cigarette or something. So, then while you are rubbing your eyes with mind bending decisions, your dear dog decides to let you know that he wants back in to the house with a series a sharp barks.
Guess what? I don’t even have to wind him up! Not only that, he does not use batteries!
A downside might be that there is no off/on switch. No, he just keeps yapping until I get up!
How does he know? Gives a licking and keep on ticking? I should have named him Rolex? I don’t know… .

Cheers, pix

Thanks for the long insight guys. Today I left my phone out in the hallway so I have to leave the room to turn it off, that really helps. Get in that mindset and just head to the kitchen or bathroom from there haha!

The real problem is this. Its 3:33am and I’m still awake and using the computer and when I finally get to bed I normally have the ipod on at least an hour. Electronic fevers. But its Sunday. I’m staying up all night. @#$! it!

Haha, going to bed early is something I try to learn and make a habit of. It just happens that computer is often a great obstacle to this :stuck_out_tongue:

Until you want to get up when the alarm rings, you won’t.

No one really likes getting up, I’m sure; it’s about discipline, which boils down to wanting to achieve something sufficiently to do it.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is this the EASY way? OR is this the RIGHT way?

If you answer yes to it being easy, STOP and do the RIGHT thing. This can be applied to just about anything and is very powerful if done regularly.