How to get particles to conform to shape of container.

I’m trying to fill a container with particles, but they just seem to pool at the bottom of the cylinder in pool the shape of a cube. (The emitter is a square plane.)

Here’s my .blend:

FWIW, I’m using Blender 2.58.

Thanks for your time,

I’m doing some experiment too. I’ve seen the tutorial made by andrew price on ice. In that he deformed the plane to get particles spread all over the volume. I don’t like this solution very much, so I’am trying to use a volume emitter instead of a flat one. I have only the problem that child particles can exit from the volume box causing me some problems.
Someone has an idea about how to fix this beahvior?

Isn’t that what the harmonic force field is used for?

mmm… never played with force fields. I cannot find nothing interesting on this topic… Anyway I’ve tried to apply a force field to the particle system but nothing happens. There’s other I have to do in order to make this feature work?

I cannot find nothing interesting on this topic

Yeah, I guess there is no reason to do a google search on the word Blender and Harmonic. Or even search the forum.:stuck_out_tongue:

I figured it out. I was using the wrong particle physics for the effect I wanted. The particles using the fluid physics conform to the shape of their container.