How to get Photorealistic Faucet/sink material in cycles

Hi everyone my name is Saad Aziz
Since past few days i am trying to achieve exactly the same render results as in the picture below

Here is what i have got so far

Settings for World:
I have used an environment map HDRI with 0 saturation in this
Material settings:
Triad with glossy , glass anisotropic and there mix shader combination and the cycles new principled bsdf shader too but didn’t got the required result
Studio lights: Followed multiple youtube tutorials on setting up studio lights in blender but the results were not what i wanted.
Decided to try some other software So, Downloaded Keyshot 5 but keyshot wasn’t able to produce cycles like results LoL .
Not : I have always struggled to get professional quality product rendering in cycles
lets see what help i can get from here And thanks for your help in advance

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This type of material mostly depends on the environment.

IMO - the roughness on your material is too high - it needs to be more glossy than that to achieve the chrome effect in your reference images. I’d probably set it to around 0.01 or 0.02.

I also think the bevelled edges on your model could be a bit larger - they look too sharp at the moment.

What you’ve done with the environment and shaders seems good, you can still tweak a bit, roughness value as moony pointed out, maybe the environment map could be more contrasted , to make these strong black lines in the references .

You’ll need to improve the mesh so the reflections will look better. Try to see how you shader react with a more detailed mesh like these ones :

agree with moony and sozap i’d also use a different environment map maybe. seems like its not the right one to me