How to get rid of artefacts on subdivided cylinder

I’ve got a cylinder that I’ve applied a subdivision modifier to and added some loop cuts. I keep getting these artefacts that you can see in the photo. Is there a better way to smooth a cylinder than the way I’ve mentioned?

EDIT added a wireframe

Its a bit hard to guess whats happening there without a wireframe to have an idea what the problem could be.

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Thanks. I’ve added a wireframe but as I’m new I had to delete the original screenshot.

Its because the top of the cylinder is just a merge to center (A single vert in the middle, connected to all of the outer points). Subsurf doesn’t handle this too well.


I see. First, the biggest problem you have is that mess of distorted faces on the top. That happens because you apply a subdivision surface modifier to a cylinder that has an ngon face at the top.

Before any subdivision, make sure that you have some loops inside that Ngon face. You may use inset on that face 2 imes to be sure you have enough faces to work with there.

With that you will end up with something like this: