How to get rid of edge done by mirror modifier?

Dear community,

I have this problem with my model. The window goes right through the X axis, and gets mirrored, which is totally fine, BUT… This is what it looks in-game, in Vehicle Simulator.


That’s called a seam. It happens when the texture used isn’t made for tilling and thus it doesn’t properly overlap with it self. I suggest you apply the mirror modifier in blender, UV unwrap that model and then texture it properly.

do you have the clipping button turned on, for the mirror modifier? I think there are probably two vertices meeting there in the center. then when clipping is on move the vertices around in the center left and right till they collapse and become 1.

Oh, I forgot to reply here! I have sucessfully solved the problem :slight_smile: I had to use the Edge Split modifier, that solved the problem!