How to get rid of mesh stretching and character legs falling below the ground?

Hi. I am learning how to animate animals. But when i am in a pose mode trying to animate my rigged wolf, his mesh stretches which is very annoying because i do not want my wolf to be looked like a puppet ( can i find somewhere preferences for the mesh stretch and set it to zero?) and also i do not want his legs to be fallen below the ground level, so is it any constraints or obstacles i can set for the ground, so the ground will be kind of impenetrable surface for the legs?

Thank you!

Post a blend file please!

It’s either unapplied scales in the meshes and/or armature, or bad rig or, etc., etc… I cannot guess what’s going on.

Use IK chains, keep IK targets parented to a “root” bone and control the position of the root bone and IK targets, is the quick answer to keeping feet in place relative to the ground.

Cheers, Clock.