How to get rid of noise for a bottle of water

Hi everyone!

I made an interieur scene. In this scene there is a table. On this table glasses and a bottle of water. Especially the bottle produces a LOT of noise while everything is totally fine. Attached to this post you see the image. Since the scene is quite huge (about 350mb) I didnt attach it but give you the parameters. I toyed around a lot but nothing helped so far.
Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this pesky noise?

1000 samples
clamp direct / indirect 0
Light sampling threshold 0.01
Pattern: Sobol

Light Path:
Reflective Caustics and Refractive Caustics both unchecked
Filter Glosse 1.6
All other values on standard

Radius 7
Strenght 0.5
Feature Strength 0.5
Relative filter unchecked
Diffuse / Glossy / Transmission / Subsurface all for direct and indirect

Table has a Principled BSDF with normal Map strenght 1.5, glossy map, spac map, albedo with ao.

Anything else I could do besides playing with those values? Any ideas on how to actually set them?

For any advice thank you in advance

It looks like the render has hotspots that the denoiser cannot get rid of. In a case like this one I use a node setup that does the denoising in the compositor and gets rid of the hotspots. Can you share a blend file with only the table, the jar and the water ?


Thank you for your reply. Here is a link to the gdrive location:
So far I got the picture nearly noise free by turning down the Normal Map to a value close to 1. It seems that otherwise the table gets too much structure? Used ShaderMap to calculate a Normal Map out of a picture…
Still I’d be super interested in that technique of yours: Donoising using compositor. I’d be happy if you could share :slight_smile:

Actually I didn’t create the technique. It’s an improved version of this one.
I’m going to work with the file you provided and I’ll come back here when it’s done.

Edit: the blend file you provided has only the table. Since the hotspots most likely come from the jar and the water, I can’t do anything without them.

Thanks. Watching tutorial right now.
Sorry bout the file - as it seems I didn’t pack the glasses into it. My bad. Sorry.

PS: Great gallery you got there at DevA :slight_smile: My finger itches to click some ‘Fav’ buttons :smiley:

It’s okay, everybody makes mistakes.

Thanks, I appreciate it. :slight_smile: