How to get rid of painted vertices?

(inka) #1

Is it possible to set a painted vertice back, as if it never was painted before?

I just found descriptions how to paint, but not how to set it back.


(OTO) #2

Hello inka

just select all faces, select a white color and press the Set Vert Col button.

(mthoenes) #3

I would like to know this as well… Been using Blender for two years and have not figured this one out either.

(dreamsgate) #4

No kidding, learn something new evey day, I usually just reload last file.

(inka) #5

Thanks to all of you. I will try this.


(inka) #6

This is a nice and easy way to set the vertex colour for all vertices of an object, if there is only one colour needed.

I’ve watched within the realtime environment, that using vertex colours will reflect the light not in the same way as using materials. There are no shadows on the object, so edges are not really seen. Is it possible to change this, or is it normal for using vertex colour?


(inka) #7

Sorry, but my lamps havn’t been on all necessary layers. Now lightning works.

By, Ingo