How to get rid of the white spots

I’m just starting this thread because that white dots in cycles they already made me angry:mad:
But I discovered how to get rid of that… Today reading a thread somewhere, and someone was saying that don’t know how to get rid of that and thats annoying (it really is), then I decided to share this solution (that worked at least for me xD). Ok, for you all that dont know yet, its a very very simple problem that generate that white dots: Just set your render settings to only one fixed number. If you set bounces max to 100, then set everything else to 100 (Bounces Min, Diffuse, Glossy (if you’re using a glossy material on your scene), etc) and try to disable Caustics too.
Hope this helps :smiley:
Post your results :smiley:

Andre, it should be fine if it was true, sadly, I habitually use 128 for all min and max settings, and I get white dots, or not, it depends on several factors such as glossy materials and their roughness, size and intensity of emitters, relative distances, and so on.


oh, that’s sad =/
Always worked to me =/
Ah, and I edited the OP: if you have caustics enabled in complex scenes, nothing can help

That’s it!


I would like to point out that caustics are simply distorted glossy reflections, so if in a scene there are glossy or glass materials and strong lights, so to generate white dots, and you disable caustics, you are going to cut off a relevant amount of light and reflections, which the white dots should converge to. If this is not the case, then there’s no need to disable caustics at all.
So you should disable caustics only when their contribution to the image is minimal, and you can judge that from the distribution of white dots.


^ Surely :yes: