how to get rid of these triangles?

i would like to get rid of these triangles in this corner, but i have no clue, the [tris to quad] does not fix the problem, because only the edge have the triangles, it’s not working, how can i fix this?

One option. Repeat similarly along the edge.

I did not see that! Thankyou!

Another option: Merge the bottom two verts of the triangle.

unrelated to your question, it looks like you may have some doubles on your mesh. select all and click ‘remove doubles’ in the tool shelf on the left.

it’s still not working, there’s a quad between the gaps, but the subdivision comes in the same thing as tris…
what should i do?

You have a 5 edge pole. For clean subdivisions on an edge try and stick to vertices connected to 4 edges. You would then be able the give a clean bevel along that edge

Something like: