How to get rid of those artifacts in my sculpt?


My making my first steps into sculpting.
I was sculping some legs and using the inflate tool to create 3 little toes.

However… Weird artifacts started to appear :

Before scupting the toes, i was also plaing with the crease and pinch brushes in that area, but I don’t see why they would create those artifacts.

Now, If I smooth or scrape those zones, it just become worse.

Does someone has any idea how to fix these? I imagine it’s a common sculpting problem, but I can’t find anything to clean that.

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Try going to edit mode and recalculate the normals. If that doesnt work, try to select non manifold geometry in edit mode and delete it. Or if you can see that there are holes, just put a small sphere on top of it and combine it with the boolean modifier and start again with the toes.

Ok… So using edit mode, I decided to hide the parts suroundering the artifacts, and discovered this inside the sculpt :

I took the vertices/faces and merged them at their center :

Then inflate/smooth in sculpt mode… It does the trick :

And then symetrise form +X to -X

Isn’t there a faster way to do this though? It’s really tiome consuming :confused: