How to get rid of 'ugly' shading

Hey guys, is it possible to get rid of shading ‘artifacts’ like in image below,
without subdividing the mesh? I’m guessing it has something to do with smoothing groups?

Is it even possible?

Thank you so much for any input on this!

you can use matcap, or increase the polycount by adding a subdevition surface modifier.

It will probably go away once textured,i’ve noticed the same on some imported game models but they seem to look fine once textured and rendered.

Yeah don’t believe the viewport shading and specular too much. It’ll look fine in a final render.

Thanks guys! It’s a game asset for Unity, once imported I have to turn up the bias on my lights (which kinda messes up the shadows)
to avoid these artifacts, so I was hoping it is possible to clean it up before exporting to .fbx…

If that’s the case, see if you can add just a slight bit more geometry in those affected locations. The surface might not be “smooth” enough with the current geometry, so adding a little more might help, especially if you can localize the added geometry to just where it is needed.