How to get rid of white squares on imported obj tree leaves (PHOTO)

Hi. Almost all of the 3d tree models from internet when imported into blender have this weird shape of leaves. How to get rid of that. I have found information that i need to go to the material, turn off alpha and then to go to materials and click alpha box, but this doesnt help…anything else i have to do?

In the material settings enable the Transparency option and set the alpha to zero
In the material texture set the texture to influence both colour and alpha. This assumes that the leaf texture has an alpha channel.
Settings the viewport to GLSL textured shading should show UV applied image textures, or render the scene

If that does not help please supply a link to an example blend file,

It does not helped but after playing with settings i eventually sorted out, almost. Its a lot of manipulations , in after effects Element 3D its a lot simplier, just by adjusting alpha threshold. But here i did next -

in leaves texture i set alpha to minus 1000

in leaves texture-image i unticked use alpha, in texture-image sampling i also unticked use alpha. Then in materials i set intensity to zero and transparency to zero/

Still have questions -

  1. Is there easier way to do it?
  2. Leaves still have a little bit white edges. How to fix it
  3. How to stick leaves to the branches, currently they are unnaturally messed up and rotated in different angles?

Here is blender file -