How to get "rings" on end of log with a procedural texture?

probably something with the wave texture node set to “rings”


Hi there, indeed, solution above :slight_smile:

If you also want to mask it, then a gradient texture seems like the easiest choice, with a Less than. So obviously you keep the other texture intact. You can also use a position node from the geometry node, separate XYZ to X or Y depending on the location, but it would be only one tip, not both :slight_smile:

Also, the saw marks should be added, I would use a very smal musgrave to do that, with maybe some noise, and randomize the rotation at the tips, since not all the wood is built in the house with the same direction of cuts :smiley: I can try to plug that together if you like :slight_smile:

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PS: a less elegant but better solution for masking might be insetting the tips just a teeny tiny lil bit, texture paint it, and use the vertex group as a mask :slight_smile: I am happy to show if you like!