how to get scripts in addons ?

how do you activate the scripts in the addons contrib ?

i can see the script in folder but not in the addons window!

so there must be a special way now ti get to thses?

like the index visualiser !

happy 2.5

Did you just copy those scripts yourself into that folder? Blender 2.5 handles the add-ons a bit differently from Blender 2.4x. I use the “Install Add-Ons…” button in User Preferences --> Add-Ons, navigate using the file browser to the add-on (which, by the way, can be anywhere on your file system) and it appears in the list of installed add-ons. I believe if you install scripts in this manner, Blender automatically places a copy of the add-on script in its scripts folder.

take for instance the index visualiser it works fine in 36734 !

but in latest built like 37360 i can see the index visualiser script somewhere inside the addons folders

but cannot see it in the addon window

so there must have been a change in the way you activate or enable these scripts but what ?

and there are many other script there that i don’t see
so what is the procedure to make these scripts available in addons window ?


There are numerous tutorials at blendercookie that go through making addons such as

not talking how to make an addons script here
i know how to do that already!

just how to get and run existing scripts in the addons folders included in latest built
seems there have been some changes and don’t know to activate and get all the scripts in the addons folder

like in 36734 there is no addons contrib

where can i find theses and how to intall theses scripts now

and my mistake i just recheck and seems that the index visulaser is not in the addon folder of 36734 so i copied it from and older version and now it works fine?

thanks for any help