how to get seen by non blender people

(Kid Tripod) #1

i’ve made a little level of a game, a bit like smb, and want to distribute it in a more self contained manner to non blender users. i don’t have publisher, and have been out of blender circles for a while, so my questions are

can i use the web plugin?
if so how and can it be supplied on cd with the blend file so as to save a download (where does it come from?)?

is there a freely available .exe creating capable blender available (preferable)?

i know what the answers used to be . . . but i’m unaware of the current situation.


(saluk) #2

S_W’s gamedeployer is a good choice. It will freely create exes that contain blender in them and it has a lot of options too! You can compress your game, add an opening movie, and choose between windowed or fullscreen.