How to get started in the game engine?

I’ve done some modeling and have finally gotten pretty used to blender’s interface.
I’m interested in making games and have never worked with any type of game engine.
What does it take to get started. Should i know python, etc.?

There are countless tutorials online. Lots of books aswell.

I also suggest looking through the forums and “disecting” other people’s blend files to see how they used the game engine.

Try something simple like making a cube move. I would learn how the game engine works before moving onto python IMO.

That’s my advice good luck! Search button is your friend. Not to mention google.

I agree with Zootanore… In my experience, I started by looking up tutorials for Logic Bricks in Blender. and when you are ready to move on to Python, My advice is to look up tutorials for Python itself and once you are used to basics like getting user input in Python as a standalone product, start with basic python in the Game Engine (such as a game that can be made with Logic Bricks, but writing a python script)…

And finally, the most important and best way of learning is asking questions.

Just be aware that some tutorials are out of date and will give you deprecation warnings… but most recent tutorials will be fine.

Check this one out -
( also includes PDF )

Some of the UI in 2.49a has changed slightly, but 95% of the tutorial is the same.

Also have a look at the manual pages, these are the ones I have updated or started to update: