How to get subframes for fast movements?

Hey friends!
I have a very fast moving object (@25 fps) and I am using it as emitter for fire.
In general it looks fine , but at a part there is fast movement between frames what results in holes while emitting fire.
I have increased the substeps for the emitter to 200 but that did not change anything.
I also increased the steps inside the domain settings - what makes the flame look much more chaotic and not solves my issue, too.
So here is my question how to make this look better?

You probably know that but mantaflow is not automatically updating it in the next simulation. A change in the domain resolution setting is needed.

There seem to be some problems with substeps in mantaflow but the developer is back to study. The hope of a fix is small.

Anyway maybe this helps: Mantaflow - Making a small flame and make it survive fast movements - #3 by JJones

Here is a bug report about substeps with modifier:

Okay thank you for that information!
Would a higher frame rate help ?