how to get the location that camera points to?

who can explain Euler rotation vector and object matrix for me?

what does Euler rotation vector stands for? It seems not the object’s Rot[XYZ] that we can find in the NKey Transform Properities window.
If i want to get the project of camera on a plane, how can I use its object matrix?

…of course Euler is what you get with N key but it’s
expressed in radians not in degrees like Nkey does.

check out
Euler angles:

Click on the “3D Maths” tab then the “Algebra” tab. It has any formula you could need for vectors, matrices, and quaternions.

I should make the question more clear:
I want to use with Blender, so I need to export the location of what the camera is looking at. I think the camera info looks like that one of a line, which contains a start point and a end point. I know how to get the location of a camera, which corresponds to the start point, but how can I get the end point of the camera?
This code fails to get a correct value: add an Empty at (0,0,0), add a Camera and move it to some where. track (old fasion) the Camera to the Empty. clear the rotation of Camera (Alt+R). the code gives [0.0, 0.0, 0.0] instead of the true value :o

from Blender import *
def rad2deg(n):
	return n*180/3.1415926
c= Camera.get()[0]
print map(rad2deg,Object.Get(

thank you.

For Inkulator it is sufficient to (in Camera Controls) to 1) set the location of the camera and 2) The location the camera is looking at (in other words the location of the “subject”. In the case the the camera is not pointing directly at any particular item in the scene you can 1) add and empty to the scene, 2) track the camera to the empty – Constraint --, and 3) once you have the everything the way you like it simply record the position of the empty and give that to Inkulator (along with, of course, the location of the camera).

Note: Given the two locations, the software (Inkulator) will calculate the angles required.

First, I don’t think it is easy to manipulate camera in inkulator than in Blender. Yes, there is no problem to retype camera info in inkulator, but more often, 3d models is posed in front of a camera in 3d software. Inkulator can import camera data from the menu, so that we don’t need to locate the camera in inkulator again.
Second, inkulator is going to support obj sequence. In this case, typing camera info frame by frame is tedious and probably not feasible.