How To Get The Most Detail From Normal Maps

Hello everyone,

I recently started a tutorial channel in the hopes that people might learn something they didn’t already know and also ways to use their pre-existing knowledge in a different way.

This video is just a Quick Tip on how to get the most detail from a normal map by using a setting that I never actually knew existed until a few days ago.

This video was originally for BGE (Blender Game Engine) but can also be used in Blender Render as well. I don’t know Cycles needs/has this yet, but to be honest, I didn’t really look into Cycles for this.

I will be uploading more videos as soon as I get a chance to re-record them.

I hope you enjoy the video!

The cliff model I made and used in this video can be found here for free (CC-BY):

I will soon be releasing a tutorial on how to create this cliff using procedural textures and modifiers.