How to get to the world transforms of a constrained object...


I’m trying to set corrective shapes for a part of the body of a character I’m rigging using Rigify, yet I’m having great difficulty trying to find a value I can use in the Deform bone that’s supposed to drive the corrective. The deform bones in Rigify are constrained to other bones in order or switch from one set to the other, like IK<->FK. So, getting the deform bone to drive the corrective is the only way to go. But I couldn’t find any transform value I could use to drive the shape. Any suggestions? (Ex: when the character raises his left leg by 60 degrees, the corrective shape will have reached a value of 1)

Thanx in advance;

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Ah, yes, common problem. There’s a function for that : “create corrective shapekey for the current pose”. Otherwise you can set the driver to use local space - local space accounts for constraints while transform space does not.

You can use the ORG bone set on a rigify rig to get a coordinate for the limb you are trying to set a shape key to.

I usally use rotational difference for corrective shapes. I make a special target bone and then use the ORG bone as a secondary target.

Thank you for taking the time to answer, I truly appreciate it. Your replies helped me out a lot, thank you… :slight_smile: