How to get Translucent leafs in eevee?

I have tried to get translucent leafs in eevee like we can do in Cycles. I have search the net without any direction how to do this. I have also search the forum here, but there are now clear answers or direction. There is plenty about transparency. So please could someone show a node setup or a file with such a shader? that would be a life saver.

translucent BSDF node in eevee works the same way as in cycles.

If you are not sure how to build the leaf material I recomend watching this video (material part is in 47:30):

Thank you for the tip, but its not solving anything. I tried all the steps he did but no prevail.
It is not clear if he is using Cycles or eevee. I uploaded my test scene, if someone would like to take a look, to see what I have done wrong.

Maple test.blend (758.0 KB)

translucent node may be used in the same way, but does not have the desired result.

In this blend file there are no linked textures and we can’t see anything.
You can svae the texture in the blend file with:

opps. sorry forgot. th file became so big suddently. I will came back later and upload the correct one.

even without the textures, i can confirm your setup works properly on my machine, although i simplified to demonstrate the easiest version of the setup.

a couple of notes:

  • initially i could not see any lighting on your leaf, and this was because nothing was being done to scale. your leaf is 4 meters in size and 4m away from an only 10 watt light source, so its not getting any appreciable amount of lighting! i bumped it up to 800w and moved it a little closer and immediately saw results.

  • i also suggest using a mix node rather than add, as this properly conserves energy.

  • just to make clear that things are working, i’ve demo’d putting a shadowing object between the leaf and light source, and even some volumetrics to boot :stuck_out_tongue:


Shouldn’t the translucent color always be darker and possibly more saturated than the diffuse? I think the idea is that depending on thickness of the medium, it will pick up more color and darken. For Cycles, I prefer to do diffuse/translucency mix first, then fresnel mix glossy, but making sure fresnel works correctly for both sides.

I salute you, thanks for this