How to get video into the nod window?

I’m very new to video editoring but how do I get video in to the render nod from in side
the video seqence editors has got me stuffed.
Any links to tutorial or a push in the right direction would be much appreciated.


OSX 10.5.8
Blender 2.58a

In Node Editor window, Add > Input > Image and open your movie there.

Firstly thanks for your post ridix.

My first post was badly written. What I want to do is take the movie in the horizontal strips at the bottom of the page into the render layers node.
When I click on the render layers nod at the bottom I only get “Render layer” the “layer” part is faded out and does not work. I have done a small youtube vid in green screen nods but using image input nods.
Is it possible to do the same thing all inside blender?
Transfer channel 1(video strip) to render node 1.
Transfer channel 2 (video strip) to render node 2 etc.

Any feedback much appreciated.