How to Get Wire Materials in Node Editor?

Seeing the very cool character model demo from ‘Naughty 5’ triggered me to want to create some wireframe render of my old models. The simplest way I personally used to create this Wireframe look has been to use this quick-and-easy add-on.

My hope was to display a whole scene I have in this Material. The simplest way to do this (I believe) is to use the “Material” tab in the Render Layers settings. However, when you choose a Wired Material in there, it doesn’t render as a wire, but rather as a black matte around the Object’s footprint.

So, does anybody know how to get to render a whole scene in this cool manner without removing all the different Object’s Materials and applying new ones to all of them?

Thanks as always.


here it is a solution for Cycles, you can probably use the same concepts for the Blender internal engine.

edit: this is the YT link

I just skimmed through the video, but it seems that this solution would require applying new Materials to every single Object in the scene, right? You still couldn’t just use this in the Scene Node Editor? Because that’s the core issue: how to use it in the Scene Node Editor so that you don’t have to set it up for every single Object. But I know how to apply the Material to an Object on its own.

there are 2 blend files attached to the page at the first link, just download them and see if this works for you.

Well, that’s for Cycles which, unfortunately, I don’t know how to use yet.

And from what I saw there, it appeared that you would need to take that Node Group and, again, apply it to every single Material, which would be a long and painstaking process if you have a scene with many different Objects. The purpose of the single Material field in the BI Render Layer options is precisely to avoid this cumbersome process. So the solution for my purposes is how to get a wireframe Material to work in the Render Layer single Material settings.

Just a weekday bump, hoping that maybe there are more people here on a Monday who might be able to show how to have a whole scene render in wireframe without having to apply new Materials to all of them.