How to give wider scope to an Ocean?

Um, this ocean is about to kill my computer with about a million verts, and it still doesn’t seem that big. Here it is on Youtube [video][/video] but the image below is more of what I would like. I tried adding a low-poly ship, but it looked like a toy. Increasing the resolution value didn’t help much either. I just want it to look like a wide ariel shot and I just can’t figure it out. Any ideas? (btw I have no clue why all these extra images are attached.)


I think the problem is that your waves are too big. Hope it helps and happy blending !!

So is this going to be an animation or not?
If not you could maybe get away with a simple plane with cloud texture (or 2 combined) as a bump map (at least thats what I usually do) and it looks quite well when done right (and 4 vertices only :wink: )

This was an animation so I will keep your advice in mind, but the solution to make smaller waves worked really well. Thanks! See the finished animation in the animation forum. By the way does anyone know whether it is necessary to bake the ocean? I didn’t and it worked fine.