How to go about cell fracturing?

Hi, I’m trying to use the cell fracture addon on this house here:

However, it comes out looking like this (once the original house is hidden):

I’ve tried it on “Own particles” and “Annotation pencil” (after drawing with the annotation pencil of course), and I’ve been referencing this video, if it helps:

I’ve noticed that while it’s generating the fragments, it first generates a large box around the entire object and fragments that. I suspect that it then removes the fragments not completely inside of the object, which takes chunks out of the house. How should I fragment it so that it comes out looking solid?

Here’s the .blend file:


Solidify everything, and apply the solidify modifier - so the building is hollow.
Separate the roof and fracture that on its own. Cell fracture goes wrong with loose parts all at once. That means the door / window need to be joined topologically (one continuous mesh) or they also need to be separated to be fractured, and you will have to cut out the window shape from the wall.