How to go about filling an object but creating a separate object from that object

Hi everyone! I am brand new to this stuff and was trying to fiddle through making my first 3d model to print. I watched many tutorials on youtube about the subject in question which is turning a 2d image into a 3d model. The problem I am encountering is for almost all examples, if you have white in the image or a white background, it all goes awry. Attached is the model, where the physical parts are to be in black and the voided areas are to be white. Also attached is the image of what it should look like.

The idea is to have the white and black as two objects so that I can extrude the white webbed area and border to be taller than the black background. But no matter how I try to go about this, I fail one way or another. I made the svg from inkscape via trace bitmap, which then deleted the white. When I did it via an online svg converter, it just made a solid circle instead of showing any details at all. I tried changing all white to red in photoshop, thinking I was having an AH HA! moment and that it would work then, but I got the literal exact same results. So, my two questions are:

1.) Is there a better way to get what I am trying to get from this in the first place? I am trying to, in essence, take my carboard game pieces from a game I play and make them into 3d models that I can print (for myself, not for business) because I thought it would be a good and simple starting point to modeling my own things to print.

2.) Is there a way in blender that I can fill those voids where it should be white as a separate object to get the end result of being able to extrude that newly made object to be taller than the one in the image?

Since I am new here it won’t let me embed a second image, here is a link to the 2d scan that I am trying to achieve.

Alongside that, I don’t want the black ring around it, as the perimeter should have a white border but I couldn’t get the svg from the png or jpeg without putting a black border to separate the white webbing from the bg.

I searched the forum but I couldn’t find anything quite in line with what I am going for here. If I missed something that would have answered my question then I apologize

Welcome :tada:…

SVG is always a bit “extra” you may try to select the solid circle from the online version and move it… because it may be an extra shape.

Also: if you have something like on the left and add a closed curve around it completely (here a circle) then wehn using 2D curves you get something like so:

So this may be alaredy what you need or converting to mesh… and about the white ring… TBH i didn;t understood this yet (maybe a need a break anyway)… :sweat_smile:

If you use white and Black for a 3d print, the image does not have to be b/w it just has to be different, Black and Blue for example.

The easy way would be to take that original SVG go back to a vector editor ( Inkscape?) and Fill that inner area with another color. Then bring that back to Blender and you should end up with the Black sections surrounded with another curve selection… Then you could do your extrusions… but that will end up having problems as the resulting mesh when converted, will have many problems, interior faces is the first thing that will cause failure…

So… you could go back in Blender and Join all of the curves from the initial SVG import convert that to a Mesh, and use that as a cutter… then use Knife Project to Cut out the parts you need… and extrude those parts… Invert selections to remove parts…

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