How to go about helping develop UPBGE?

So I heard UPBGE was open source… just wondering how one goes about contributing. I looked around at the Github site, but couldn’t really make sense of things. Are there tutorials on modifying the code or whatever it is everybody else is doing? I know little c++, and virtually nothing about compiling software, so I’d appreciate any help.

I would say that the very first step is to learn how to compile, because once you can turn source code into a program you’ll be able to make changes and see what it does compiled! If you are beginning, this is overly important: test things with feedback-loops as short as possible.

Compilation instructions:

Once you are all setup, with all the correct software (Subversion, Git, Make, CMake, MSBuild tools, etc…) and that you managed to follow the instructions to compile, I encourage you to make silly modifications and see what happens!

I was looking for such a silly modification, found this:

This looks like the code for the end object actuator. If you comment line 70 I believe that the thing will not remove your object anymore.


Thanks for the reply!
I followed the steps up until the part where you’re supposed to open ‘blender.sln’. I have the ‘C:\blender-git/blender’ directory, with all the various stuff installed by git clone, but… I can’t find blender.sln anywhere.
Is it in a different set of folders or something?

Also, what Visual Studio Workload is best? I’m guessing ‘Game development with C++’, but it’s 6.37 GBs and doesn’t specifically state that it supports Blender, so I’d want to be sure.

sln is a visual studio solution file. If I remember correctly you have to build this solution with CMake.
I think the C++ package is good enough. I built my engine with that and an opengl wrangler.

Join the UPBGE Discord server for support.
Join also the Blender Discord (White) server to discuss (almost) daily build version bugs, problems, & progress in the #bge channel.

Can’t seem to find any discord server for UPBGE; is there a link you could send?

Sure thing.

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Nice to have you guys Thatrius & sebastian84 on the server, welcome :slight_smile: