How to go on with this

About 1 month ago I said I would release the code of my raytracer as soon as I finish the geometry loader. But now I see myself with no time to do this. And I don’t know for how long. So I have a problem if I want the people who said they were interested to code with it.

The only doc is a UML diagram.

The code is very well structured :-), but there are no comments at all. So how could we continue. Well, I thought that maybe I could open a simple page for those interested with the code for download. And then answer your questions. I hope I’ll be able to answer all.

Then, someone could learn (slowly) how it works enough to write down a doc or something.

This goes to those who were interested in raytracing programming. So what do you think? Is there a better solution?

Please, let me know if you like the idea.

I think that would be awesome. Unfortunately, I’m not a programmer, and probably wouldn’t be able to understand what you were doing where, but there are some here who are, and others who are licking their chops to get a hold of Blender’s source.

Since I am really interested in learning, but unfortunately have limited time, I’d be happy to be around to help document it. But I’ll have to learn along the way, so I may not be the best choice.

However, I can offer a download site for you, and I’d love to help any other way you can think of


I might be interested in looking at it (to learn, if anything).

Hello jandro,
I’m very interesting to read your raytracing code :slight_smile: and in Ray tracers in general purpose. I’m a newbie in programming and, of course, it’s probably I don’t undertand much of your code.

Hola Jandro,
Bueno, sí, estoy interesado en tu código… sé q no puedo ayudar mucho, pero me encantaría poder documentar el código :)…aunque tb necesitaria tiempo!
Un saludo


Ok, so let’s do it. I have web space, I’ll do simple (black and white) page to download all the stuff I have. If someone prefers to make a different page tell me and I will use it.

If you just want to read, understand and document, you don’t need nothing special. I fyou want to compile it and run you need linux (that’s provisional, in the future it will work on any system). It’s only that I use gtk and pixbuff to show the image. As soon as somebody writes a “save to file” output plugin it will work even on windows :slight_smile:

I hope this works.

Although I was one of the original applicants, I don’t think I will have much time to work on it. Although I’m sure I won’t be able to resist anyway… I have Linux and I recently used GTK myself, I also have experience with programming raytracers, anything up to (Q)MC path stuff so that is no problem either. I hope I can find some time for it…

How about registering it on ? They accept anything that’s Free Software and don’t require anybody to hand out copyrights to the Free Software Foundation.


I did it !

Is a very fast written page, but I think is enough. Check it, make a bookmark and good luck with sources.

I have made a simple forum for the questions. Please, help in whatever way you can.