how to got a cinematic in to a game

hi there i am creating a game and i want to put cinematic cuts in to the game for example like uncharted. Can someone explaine how i can do it.
Than you

You mean Cutscenes?
First of all: Apply a Property to your Player Character like [“ingame”] or [“active”] and set the Movement up that Way that the whole Movement of the Player and his Camera is only controllable while that Property is True.
Then Logic Bricks: Player Touches an invisible Wall or gets Near to an Object and then a Script gets executed or several Logic Bricks, to activate some particular Camera Movement, Character Animation and Soundfile Playing.

The Rest is up to you. Naughty Dog have not always had the same Standard, when you think back to Crash 1 – Cutscenes were very simple. So don’t expect your Cutscenes immediately to look like Uncharted – just as a Warning for you to avoid any potential Disappointment. : }

thanks no i was the use that is an example of a cutscenes. So what scripts will i need thank you

Well, a Script could for example control the Camera with Commands like

from bge import logic as g #bge logic setup
scn=g.getCurrentScene() #get Scene
cam=scn.active_camera #get Scene's active Camera 
cam.worldPosition[0] = 0.0
cam.worldPosition[1] = 0.0 
cam.worldPosition[2] = 0.0
cam.worldOrientation.to_euler().x = 0.0 
cam.worldOrientation.to_euler().y = 0.0 
cam.worldOrientation.to_euler().z = 0.0

That would be for Placing the Camera. You could then use a Timer Property to change the Values for a floating Camera or something.
But I guess the more common Way would be to apply an F-Curve to the Camera and play the Animation. You really have to try and find your own Favorite there, since Blender offers several Ways to do it.

ok thanks for the advice

Cut-scenes are a part of the game where the player’s controls are disabled that he is not disturbing the executed logic ;).

As the player can’t continue with the game flow, the logic needs to do that.

You should create a story board with all the details you want to show. Then add the story elements to your game with the tools of your choice (motion/f-curve/physics/timers …).

This sounds a bit high-level and it is. When you ask for more specific things we can help you with more details.