How to greeble?

So! I decided that what my model is missing is a whee bit of detail. Came across something called ‘discombobulate’ but it doesn’t seem to work with the latest blender release (using 2.75) so if someone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated!

…‘discombobulate’ … doesn’t seem to work with the latest blender…

It works here on 2.75.2. Make sure your doodads consist quads only.

Dumb question perhaps but as a newb how would i go about doing something like in the first pic? Thanks!

Ok excellent i figured out how to install it and loving blenders script system! It says it can be accessed via the spacebar in the preferences but when i hit the spacebar in edit mode, i dont see it. Any help would be appreciated!

If you have enabled addon in User Preferences Addons - Testing category (install? from where?) on vertical tabs, bottom, is added new one with all the knobs.

Ok, thanks, i have it checked off in preferences and this is what i am seeing

Also checked under addons in edit mode… nowhere to be seen

Ok, i finally got it to work with the above, but when i drag the sliders nothing happens.

Hrmmm. This is minuscule… See your scale and make it fit the grid at least. Ctrl-A ->Apply Scale on selected objects should do this.
Scale was not a factor in not seeing Discobombula… what was the word again?.. interface. I wonder how you came to it - your interface is quite crowded and is this all vertical tabs you have? There should be another one saying Addons if this was the script supplied with Blender.

As to how it works - (quick, there probably is more to it) - select some faces on your object, QUADS, triangles wont do, jump out Object mode and push big button “Disc…” on the top of addon’s interface.
This will make extrusions on selected faces.
If you model “doodads” - small detailed somethings to put on selected faces later - you select doodad and push “Pick doodad” button. Repeat on other doodads if you have them. Then again - select faces on your main object, push that big button…“Disco…” This will make things happen ;).

PS Oh i guess i see the tab in the middle of vertical bunch - “Addo”, is this it?

Which is the latest version? I have 263_v3, which works very differently to another version I tried on Blender 2.74. It shows up under Misc in object mode, which means I have to select faces in edit and switch to object mode to use. Seems to work OK, though, but is the only plugin I have found to crash Blender if I make a mistake.

If this is not the latest, could someone please point me to where I can find the latest version.

I was referring to the version which came bundled from blender buildbot builds. Even if you do not want to install (boils down to unpack and run executable, set user preferences) of this version you can still download, unpack and look for the addon in 2.75/scripts/addons_contrib/ folder of unpacked archive:
All you would need to do is to overwrite existing file with downloaded (or, Uninstall current/Install from File new version in User Preferences).

Version in script file is listed as “version”: (0,2), “blender”: (2, 71, 0)

Thank you for that simple explanation - I’ll do that right away!

Cheers :slight_smile: