How to grow a cube??

Simple question i think, how can you animatie the growing of a cube? Say you scale it just on the x-axis.

I know how to move a cube, but to let it grow???

‘s’ for scale, and drag the mouse outwards, and if you want to animate it just be sure you set keyframes for size as well as loc and rot.

tx, forgot the size.

But why use rot??

In case you want to rotate it, perhaps?

yep, i know that but i just ask for scaling on the x-axis.

Well anyway you u2 help me a lot, thnks for that.

To scale on juste one axis :
Skey Xkey
Skey Ykey
Skey Zkey

or in localAxe

Skey XXkey
Skey YYkey
Skey ZZkey

et voilà :Z

Blender has some clever interactive scaling.

Hit “S” to scale, move your mouse in the direction of the x axis, and hit the middle mouse button. Blender will recognise that you were moving along the x axis, and constrain the scaling to that axis alone!

Hit the middle mouse button again and it will scale along another axis

I usually plant a cube seed and water regularly. In a few weeks I have a full grown cube :slight_smile:

Ok, seriously, use Keyframes as suggested. You can also directly edit Scale IPOs