How to have car physics(the Wheels) in a render animation.

I want too know how to animate Car with the wheels just like physics. Like for example I am trying to animate a truck on 4 wheels and Its on a hilly terrain. How can I make the wheels follow the car and have physics with it???

The short answer is to take a game engine car rig and get it to do what you want, then record the trackand rotation of each item. Blender game engine has a menu item specifically to do this. You then go back into normal animation and you have all the animation keyframes to make the objects track.

The long answer would take weeks to write!



Yea I did that one time but all I got was the cube just driving around. No wheels. Just the cube that is the car body is just running around. Like in some of the blender cars physics test templates around google…

I had similar problems.

Try this file.



TRUCK6.blend (578 KB)

Hay thanks thats perfect kinda. How can I control it to were ever I want. It is on its on turning on its own.

Or use ROUBAL’s vehicle rig (do a search).

Check out my video of a VW bug driving on the surface of the ocean.

This was done with Roubal’s rig. There is a link to his BLEND file on the vimeo page. It is called the “Autodrive system” on his site.

You have to edit the vehicle so that the input to the steering is coming from something like a couple of keys or a joystick. I think on that version it is set to change either at specific times, or to follow a specific object, - can’t remember, it’s so long since I put it together.

Check the physics panel below the model. I think it’s reasonably self- explanatory.