How to have different evaluation times on different paths (curves) in Blender 2.5x?

Hi folks,

I’m pulling out my hair 'cause I cannot figure out how to key different evaluation time for different paths (curves) in blender 2.5?

My paths are separate objects (not instances) and if I change and key evaluation time for one curve it automagically change keyframes and values of evaluation time for second curve too.

For example what I need is - first object follow first path from frame 50 to 150, then second object follow second path from frame 250 to 350…

What I’m missing?
Please don’t tell me I cannot have independent follow paths… it would be lame wouldn’t it?

As I must deliver animation tomorrow I’m getting crazy :confused:

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: if I add two curves via SHIFT+A everything working as expected… but when duplicate one curve with SHIFT+D and then even if change it’s shape… it behave like instance for evaluation time values of previous curve from which it was duplicated… so seems like a bug

Hmm…it seems to work for me, using 2.55 r33054.

PS: I tried duplicating the second curve to reproduce your problem. It still works correctly even for a third curve duplicated. What I did, however, was in my duplicated curve, I explicitly moved to the keyframes where the Evaluation time was keyed and right-clicked to delete those keys. Then re animated the evaluation parameter.


25_two_paths_work.blend (65.1 KB)