How to have lots of meshes rigged to one armature that is in another file?

I’m making a fantasy game and I intend to have many different pieces of gloves, boots and chest equipment for the player to find and change… the usual stuff like Diablo 3 does.

They will basically be weighted to the same armature that is going to be used by the player.

Question is, how do I make it so that the meshes that are in one blend file are weighted and work with an armature that is in another .blend file?

The way I’m doing now is saving the file as a new file with “save as” and then I model the new equipment and weight it to the same armature, but won’t it create problems in the game engine after exporting, since the armature from “Equip1” file is not the same as the one in “Equip2” file because they are in different files, even though they are practically the same?

I’m just a bit confused about the whole process…

I thought about having all the meshes in one single blend file, and just hiding each of them to work on them separately but surely there is a more organized way of doing that, because that sounds extremely messy?

Hmmmmmm, it is not messy, it is by far the best way to do it IMHO, put your various kist of bits in separate Collections, then simply switch to/Unhide the correct collection…

Cheers, Clock.

Won’t that put too much stuff in a single file and take forever to load?

Also, I find out that if I append a mesh from another file and parent with without automatic weights it works fine, but idk if shape keys will work though.