How To Have Model Not Go Through Floor

Hey, Blender noob here, only two weeks using it, but I can’t figure out how to animate a character without their feet going through the floor/plane while doing a simple walk animation. Is there a way to make the floor solid or add collision? Or is the answer simply “You can’t, you just have to make sure the feet never go through”?

I’ve used the search function here and followed tuts but it seems to be overlooked as to how to do it.

If anyone can be of help, that would be much appreciated!

You can’t. you just have to make sure the feet never go through.

You can, however, set the feet up with IK solvers, so they stay where you put them. What character are you trying to animate?

Hey, thanks for the reply! That’s what I was afraid of.

I’m working with just various models from Blendswap, a few of them have IK solvers and I’m barely getting a grasp of that. So you can’t simply just add some kind of collision to the floor, then, like an invisible floor? Thanks for the answer though, I thought I was missing something, haha.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I’m just trying out different Blendswap models and am barely getting to IK solvers but have worked with it.

So there’s no way at all to create collision with the floor, would putting an invisible floor for the model to collide with be a good idea just to make it a bit easier? If not, I’ll get used to it.