How to have one cube cut objects in collections

Hi there

I have a building with windows in it and I would like to quickly create section views / cuts

Ideally with a cube or cube like geometry

I know I can add to each object a Boolean modifier

But what I am looking for is a way how I can apply a Boolean cut command to objects inside collections

I assume this is only possible in geometry nodes

Modifier Boolean can use objects in a collection as tools which is great but I am more looking tk add a Boolean modifier to a collection !

I don’t know if there is a way to do that, but the “Bool Tool” addon could help. It’s an addon that comes with Blender and allows to quickly create boolean modifiers on single objects.

Or, if you don’t plan on animating or moving the different pieces of the building, you could combine them in a single object with ctrl+j and use just one modifier.