How to have smooth camera movement on complex path?

I have a camera which I am going to animate travelling through some nice looking corridors. But I already know what will happen, there are twists and turns and I will place keyframes which will lead to some sections the camera flies through too fast, or suffers very obvious changes in speed. I know I can move the keyframes manually to even out the changes, but is there a better way?

Is there not perhaps some tool to draw a line of the points it should go to and then have blender itself figure out the speeds through all of the points?

Additional - the main issue is i want the animation to be LOOPing, so although I can use bezier interpolation on most points, the end has to start and stop in the same place, and loop seamlessly, so would need to be linear keyframes on the end, which is obviously going to lead to some kinda jarring motion/rotation change.

Use the constraint follow path should work. No need to animate it by hand.
If you have an uneven distributed curve one way to fix would be to convert to mesh, even space with loop tools and convert it back.

You can also animate the speed at which the object follows the path using the usual F-curves.

Keyframe the points along the movement that you particularly want to emphasize or β€œhit,” then adjust the curve controls between those points.

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