How to hide an object by a transparent one ?

I’d like to make a game with both rendered 3d and real time objects.
You know, like resident evil of final fantasy on playstation 1.
But i need to hide object with transparents ones.
look at this picture :
i need to hide my character with the yellow shape. but i don’t want this shape to appear !!
Can someone give me tips ?

I get what you are saying, when the character walks behind the table you want them to be hidden by the table. With graphics programming this is relatively simple to do, and they did this sort of thing waaaaay back in the earliest sierra games like kings quest. But the only way I can think of to do it in blender is to add a table polygon in front of the background scene with the table texture on it.

Lol, you played king’s quest? That had to be one of the stupidest games…

Sorry, nothing to do with the topic :smiley:


What!? The ol kings quest games are CLASSICS. And such a great display of design qualities of the olden days versus nowadays. Sure, if you did something wrong, you could screw the whole thing up and make it impossible to finish, and most of them are practically impossible without a hint guide, but man, those are some quality games.

All the old sierra games, I grew up on those things. And the lucas arts adventure games too, but kings quest shows you what they could do with games back in the early days.

Ah, to be a kid again, playing my space quest, the memories.

Yeah, that’s it , like king quest.
I many blender games, there is a sky texture on the background which seems to be insensive to rotations and movements of the camera.

How can you do that ?
Cause if i put a such texture on all my objects, maybe i’d could be ok.


That technique of hiding objects behind polygons is used in Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time. I must say, they did an excellent job. Check out Zelda 64. Study it and I’m sure you will be able to synthesize a way to do it in blender for your game.

Oh, before I forget, Zelda 64, Final Fantasy 7, and Resident Evil had one thing in common. Know what it was? They all used fixed camera angles with their pre-rendered graphics. The new Resident Evil for Gamecube is an excellent example of how efficiant fixed camera angles can be. Has anyone seen it? Ok. Before you start making levels and rendereing models, think about fixed camera angles and how your camera angles(views) will be composed. It’ll be a whole lot easier for you if you do this.

My friend, design those camera angles and make an awesome game :smiley:
Peace !

Space Quest, Monkey Island 1+2, Loom, Full Throtle, all those games were cool, but i’m sorry, king’s quest was too cheesy. It was pure luck that i found the skeleton with the boot in King’s Quest 7 (or was it 5?) and i got to the end, and i kept on dieing, probably because i didn’t go 500 screens to the left in the desert. That kind of game i hate, where you acually can forget something.


Yeah, there were some design problems in a few of the KQ games, but their not all bad. For the desert in kings quest 5 you have to map it out - it’s not random - so that you can remember where you are supposed to go. And kings quest 7 is BAD.

Kings quest isn’t any worse than Space quest where if you miss an item in the begining of the game, you cant win at the end!

Although the games are short enough that this is annoying but not that big of a problem.

Anyone ever play Space Ace and actualy beat the game? Now that is some random stuff :x

I’ve did it !!
'im so happy
I can make a game like resident evil !!!
check this :
Note that i’ve upload the .exe. file but not the .blend file 'cause i don’t know how to include textures in a blend file. I must learn this !

Click the tools menu on the top and choose the pack option. A little present icon will appear on the menu, save the blend and the textures and sounds etc will all be packed.

Looks pretty cool so far - are you just using all 3d objects, or is the background rendered like you were trying to do?

thanks for the packing help.

I my scene , there are the 2 boxes, the 3 posts , a invisible cube (for collisions with walls) and a Uv texture on a plane face to the camera.
Iv’e scaled the plane so he can exactly full the camera view.
BY the way, is 'nt it a problem to use a 640/480 jpeg file for a uv bitmap.
I thought you must use multiples of 16 and noth_ing bigger than 256/256.
Well, it seems to work.

640*480 texture…
actually it is scaled in textured memory, and the uv coordinates are scaled as well. It is prefered that it be of approaite size, and I think the uv scaling is done in real-time, and therfore slows it down.

let’s split what you want int something like image layers, then to different scenes.

from back to front:

The background
the player
the table
maybe the player…

the way I think I would do this is to have a background scene with the background, then another scene with the player in front of that, then another scene with the table, but the table is textured, and located to match the one in the background.

if you want the player in front of what the user (the one playing) think’s of as the table, make it invisible (python??). The user (if you did well, I assume the camera is stationary?) should not be able to tell the difference from the table in the background, and the duplicate table in another scene, it will work nicely.

there is a scene actuator for adding scenes.

for making the background, and the table…

oh, and if you need to see the texture of one object, and the wire of another while editing, you can go into textured mode (or whatever), and set the draw mode of the object you want to be different in the edit buttons (top left one I think)

Can’t make a demo right now, but I think you get the idea

since english is not my native language, i’m not sure i get your idea…

but it’s ok, iv’e found a way do acheve my goal.

And i’ve made an update .
now you can go in the entire room !!!

That was finnaly really simpler to do than i thought.

Looking pretty snazzy!

but i know have lots of new problems…
so i made a new topic called :
i’ve got a problem with animating, must be easy to solve…

and there’s a new problematic demo to download.