How to hide the boundary circle?

I have a bunch of meshes with Rigid Body and Bounds turned on. Around these meshes are dotted circles, and these get really annoying when trying to work with them in crowded areas. How do I hide these?

I know this is a duplicate thread, but I was getting no answers in my other one.

I don’t think you can turn them off. If there is a way, it’s probably in the object buttons.

hmm… maybe something to look at for 2.5? Also, I have an image of it here:

Don’t work in wire-frame view? The circle lets you know that it is physics object, but the circle shouldn’t be bigger than the box if you are using box or triangle bounds etc.

Hit alt+Z The circles don’t show up in shaded view.

If you are not using default bounds or sphere bounds you can reduce the radius to the smallest available value. I do not know if that has any other effects with physics.

I hope it helps

This is a bit of a crazy idea. Is there any way to ‘delete’ this feature from the code, and then compile it? What line of code is it, and in what file? I don’t know anything about code or compiling, though. But it should work if I just delete one line.