How to hide the settings or controls? :P ( UI Customization)

:stuck_out_tongue: Hi to all. I am newbie to Blender asking for your kindly help. I will my first post here is not too stupid to ask such question. Yes, I do googled this for 2 hours and get no answer.

So, for example, if I want to hide/remove the Transform of the Object Tools , how to? Thank u.

Press T to hide the whole menu, You cannot change the position or hide the transform buttons. You would have to learn to live with them (unless you want to mess up with UI code) :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you,mohd.itqan! Wow, that surprises me!
I just switch from Modo to Blender, in the Luxology community I heard a lot about Blender, how free to work with, to free to customize it. — but…
Well, really there is no other way?

Edit the UI python script.

Leego, open YOURBLENDERFOLDER/2.60/scripts/startup/bl_ui/, search for “col.label(text=“Transform:”)” to find the relevant chunks of code and comment them out. Two things: I like to keep the Origin button, it’s useful; and second, be careful how you comment out, in some cases you want “col = layout.column(align=True)” kept from above the code, as what follows doesn’t have this separator. If I remember right, there’s one or two places where this applies.

When you have this working as you want, consider reading up the documentation on how to compile Blender from source, even if you won’t actually do any compiling. Once you learn about this you will figure out a way of keeping the file you edited up to date, always merged with the current revision. It’s then trivial to download latest revs from the buildbot (, update your source repository, and copy the merged file into the newly installed Blender file structure. If what I’m saying here isn’t clear, forget about it for now. You can deal with this later, once the annoyance of updating the file become more apparent. Good luck!

I’ve asked before that those annoying translation buttons be removed… to no avail. They are totally useless! What’s worse, is that from some of the discussion I read on simplifying the interface, they will be redesigned and be part of a translucent toolbar. Argh, we don’t need it!

EDIT: Lol, I’m slow at typing!

I think it is possible to show or hide object tools with Python. But a Python expert needed. :smiley:

Hi!demohero!The Python expert :slight_smile:
Can you tell us how you did that?
I want to know how to modify the office UI from another scripts if it’s possible,for example can we change the row number of a vertext group template_list?

Might be a good if you ask (with a magic word) demohero for a build . XD

I’m not a Python expert, really. I just copied and pasted some code and changed their names. They’re not functional. But anyone who has Python skills can easily configure Blender UI.

You ask “can we change the row number of a vertext group template_list?”

I think we need a Python man again to answer this question correctly :slight_smile: