How to hide UV lines in image editor while using texture paint

While using 2.8 in texture paint mode, the image editor is nearly unusable, because it displays an overlay of the entire UV map, regardless of material or masking.

I’m not even looking for fine grained control; I’d be happy to just turn off all UV overlaying.

The closest thing I’ve found to an answer is this:

But it seems to refer to 2.9x, and in my 2.8 image editor “View” menu, the only items are “Toolbar” and “Sidebar”.

I’ve also looked at all of the tabs in the side bar, including View and Tool->Display.

Am I missing something obvious? Any help would be very appreciated.

I’m not sure if it’s the correct solution but it shows uv because your mesh is in edit mode.

If you want to paint only in the image editor, you can keep the mesh in object mode instead of edit mode.

I just checked, and it displays the UVs regardless of whether the mesh is in edit mode. I’ve found that I can work without the UV overlay in the image editor if only the image editor is in paint mode, and the 3d view is in object mode. That does make it a bit involved to switch back and forth between painting on the mesh, and on the image, but I guess that’s better than nothing.