How to highlight the edges where is the seams

Hi! I have an organic low poly mesh and I made a lot of seams and UV unwrap the mesh. After that something goes wrong and all the seams on my model disapperared (I accidentally use the hot key to clean all seams I suppose and did not noticed it I saved the file). And now I have a mesh with UV map information but without seams on my model. And the problem is that I did not finished UV (I have to make some more seams). So now I can’t finish UV becouse there is no seams on my model and I can’t to continue from the point I stop before. So the question: is there the way to highlight the edges of my mesh where the seams is regarding the UV map? Or there is the only way to make everything from start?

check if you don’t have a backup file in tmp folder

happy bl

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Thanx! there is a good autosave file in tmp folder… everything is ok there