How To "Hire" Blender Artists?

Is there a way through the Blender Artists Forums to get in touch with people willing to do small Blender jobs? Are there any guidelines? Where should I post?


Jon Kristensen

Hi, thanks for suggesting me how to hire the blended artist.i needed a artist who can perform the work on my web site.

Unfortunately there is not a good way to hire someone on this forum. The mods have no interest in this apparently, it has been suggested many times, almost begged for. We need a section specifically for this.

For now, I suggest a professional forum, it appears that this one is devoted only to hobbyists.

I say, just try to hire.
You´ll get your flames in any case by random trolls.

First you´ll be flamed for using the wrong section - in any section - because we got no recruiting section.
If you offer 10 Euro per hour you´ll get flamed that freelancers take 50+ and you´r a slaver.
If you offer 90 Euro per hour you´ll get flamed that you´r surely a scammer and not going to pay.
If you say you got a great game idea and need artitst you´ll get flamed that you´r a 14 year old boy with no experience.
If you say you got a company and need additional manpower for a game you´ll get flamed why you don´t take local professionals and want blenderusers.

It´s the way it is in internetforums. You got to have a selective cognition =)

However, if you´r post is somewhat reasonable you´ll get offers to work for you via PM for sure with all the stuff like expected salary, portfolio and stuff.

All that the flaming does, is scaring potential clients away, literally the forum users saw off the branch BEFORE they´r sitting on it.

I think it would be good to have a rectruitment subforum where the OP can lock his topic.
He can reopen it and edit it to “closed” once he found an artist, but it would prevent any flaming at all, and if one misses some information he can PM the OP which can unlock and edit his post.

The only times I’ve seen prospective hiring flamed is when the offers are either patently naive or asking for professional work without pay. Neither of those situations warrant much respect from the community.

Posts that are coherently written and respect that the work being asked for has considerable worth are given fair treatment as long as the OP is honest about the situation. Too often I’ve seen posts that try to hype and exaggerate the viability of the enterprise asking for the work. This tends to cast a shadow of doubt on the reliability of working for such enterprises. Even asking for free work can be done in a way that doesn’t seem like the asker is doing artists a favor just by posing the question.

Most often I’ve seen job offerings in the Off-Topic section, though this is by no means definitive. I’d recommend avoiding the Artwork & Support sections. I agree that the board could use a separate section for such posts, it might reduce flaming by making it easier to ignore the less-than-attractive variety.

In defense of the moderators, we actually do not have the power to set up new boards. It does seem like a “help wanted” sort of board might be a good thing to have, though, so I’ll pass this along to the administrators.

A couple of thoughts…

First, you might like to look at this ->

Not that I think it would help you any, but some moderator thought it necessary to post.

I see this whole thing of looking for artists and artists looking for free lance work from both sides and I’ll share my views with you in hopes it helps you.

As an artist, I agreed to do a job via internet contact of someone looking for a portrait of a religious leader, don’t remember the faith, but you can see the work here:
All I asked in return was to add my business card to the framed picture that would be displayed in a temple, and pay me $10 for shipping. Spent maybe 6 hrs on the sketch, 2 hrs on fixative/matting and packaging to ensure the sketch arrived in top notch condition. 10 yrs later and I’m still waiting to be paid… hahaha…

I’ve also contacted 2 ppl who posted on this forum looking for artists, and both fell apart on their end, they in the end weren’t serious. BTW, I never mentioned a price, so that wasn’t a problem.

On the other side of the coin, at my regular job, I posted a very professional help wanted ad on I described the job position, the benefits (which were generous) and mentioned wage would depend upon experience. The final line in my add was ‘please include a resume with your reply’. I received over 40 e-mails, only 5 of them had resumes. Of the 5 resumes, I only interviewed 3 ppl.

So if I contacted you and did the job for you, how would I know I would get paid? At the same time, how would you know that I’m capable of doing the job?

Best advice I could give you is do as I did, post a very professional ad in the news&discussion area or the off topic area, then sift through the responses. Most replies will be trash, but maybe you could find 1 or 2 artists that can do what you expect…

Best of luck,

Thanks PP. That would be really nice for the community. (Didn’t mean to be so harsh :o, just sticks in my craw that we don’t have this.)

I really appreciate what you guys do for us.

Me Too, I also wanna say thanks to all guys :slight_smile:

Slow In , Slow Out :slight_smile:

See my work, and if you like mail me.

The irony here is from what I saw your post back in May you reasonably followed much of the advice given here, with a solid post. So other then the forum section which is not entirely your fault, and assuming that the site was decent, (the link is dead now so I can’t tell) I would diagnose your biggest problem with that one as happen chance bad timing. As I recall this forum was unusually dead at that time, (blender being in alpha state, as well as various other seasonal factors.) so perhaps a bump would be in order if you are looking for that still.

How do you hire artists? Click the website in my signature and if it matches what you need, email me :wink: